Mill Way – 2021

Fencing has been repaired on the verge along Mill Way between the road crossing and the bridleway towards Mickleham. We have also put up signs in the car park to remind users to keep the entrance to the bridleway clear.

Oyster Hill – 2016

During October 2016 we re-surfaced the path that takes you over Oyster Hill, taking horses off a twisty part of the main road through Headley.  The path had become washed away at both ends creating a ‘channel’ down which even more rain would run so compounding the problem.  We arranged and paid for the work to once again level the path as it was getting quite tricky to ride down.

June’s Path – 2016

This was the first path that HHRA created and surfaced.  It takes horses off the road from Slough Lane up and over the brow of the hill into Church Road.  The path had become narrower and the surface was starting to degrade as it does get a lot of use!  In 2016 we re-widened this path and resurfaced it.  We are very pleased with the results!

Addlestead Farm Bridleway August 2015

Working with Surrey County Council we resurfaced the path at Addlestead Farm.  It was put in several years ago and had started to get very boggy during the winter months.  I think you’ll all agree it looks fabulous now!

Re-graded and cleared paths on Headley Heath September 2014

and cut back

Working on the Heath April 2014

New Fencing over Oyster Hill – May 2014

Path Clearing April 2014

Specific areas where we have made a difference

Creation and maintenance of the bridleway and horse margin over Oyster Hill, opposite the Forge leading up to opposite The Cock Public House. Part of this was resurfaced and railings replaced in 2007, at a cost of £2700

Creation of bridleway across Addlestead Farm (by courtesy of Michael O’Brien), linking the Thirty Acre Barn path and the motorway path opposite the entrance to Loretta Lodge. SCC erected a sign at the entrance of the bridleway, stating that HHRA funded the entire cost of £9000

After long negotiation, Headley Parish Council granted permission in 2004 to allow riders to use the pedestrian footpath that runs parallel to the Church Lane bends, which HHRA paid to widen and resurface (approx cost £4500)

  • Resurface of bridleway BP492, which runs parallel to Brimmer Pond on Headley Heath. Cost £2,400 (NT funded balance of £2000)
  • Purchase of a Vehicle Activated Speed sign at the end of Church Lane through Headley Village
  • Removal of raised spikes, which once formed part of iron fencing down the two bridleways leading to Mickleham from the Horse Margin
  • Cutting back of hedgerows in Headley and Mickleham to clear bridleways and improve road visibility
  • The new bridleway on the heath is in need of attention following a harsh winter and heavy use.  HHRA negotiated and paid for the creation of this bridleway, and we are now in discussion with The National Trust who are in turn speaking to English Nature about resurfacing.
  • HHRA once again sponsored a class at the Mid Surrey Pony Club 12 & Under show on 26thJune, and have also made a donation of £1000 towards their fundraising efforts to buy the field.
  • HHRA have replaced the fencing along Oyster Hill, and the paling and metal posts along Mill Way, which is the horse margin on the way to Mickleham